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La Prova

Gamay 2023

'2023 Who? What? Gamay' was harvested late in March and was bright with juicy red fruits. About a tonne and a half came into the winery and we split it into two different parcels. The first batch we just put about 25% whole bunches on the bottom of the fermenter and then de-stemmed in on top and let it wild ferment with gentle plunges a couple of times a day. Post going dry after about 12 or 13 days we pressed it off, just a soft light press and it was a beautiful vibrant slightly bunchy component.

The second batch we locked up in a tank for Cab Mac and on about day 12 after the Cab Mac anaerobic fermentation, we de-stemmed it into a picking bin and then kept that on skins for about another 7 or so days. Once it went dry we pressed that off. So we ended up with two old puncheons, one of each different batch. The CadMac portion actually was a really juicy softer acid version which combined beautifully with the bunchier other ferment.

So the 23 is really a product of its vintage, it was cool wet growing season so it's a lighter bodied Gamay but really a succulent, supple, with some beautiful sort of savoury nounces from that bunchy stalky character but really you're just going to say delicious.

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